Merry Carpmas ugly Christmas sweartshirt


I just saw this and it’s way too early you should try something like that on sometime. When Merry Carpmas ugly Christmas sweartshirt actually had a body now she shaped like she belongs in a nursing home.

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It there’s any Christmas fancy dress we are doing this. Merry Carpmas ugly Christmas sweartshirt im pretty sure last yr I tagged u in this and told u every year I will do the same, I’m keeping to that promise. What was the name of this again I remember watching it like 100 times. That’s such a good idea but I don’t think she would appreciate it. Must watch it again that was brilliant… There was another one or 2 that we used watch all the time as well. Definitely that’s an epic film!! Merry Carpmas ugly Christmas sweartshirt was another of our favourites!! There’s another movie coming to mind but I can’t remember what it was called. Mean Girlds I’d say we watched it 200 times even I forgot what a funny movie that is!!

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